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Linode ( has again proven why they are one of the best (if not THE best) virtual hosting companies out there.

We had a problem on a virtual server where some critical directories were deleted by accident. Server was still running, but no login or ssh access was possible (the /etc/ directory was gone).

I logged a support ticket with Linode to get some suggestions on how to proceed. They reacted promptly with some good suggestions and even links to documentation on how to solve the problem.

I just read this article on Slashdot, Game Developers should ignore software pirates, and my first thought was "They finally get it!"

This quote sums it up for me "they weren't customers, they might never be customers, so spending money to try to stop them serves no purpose".

I try to keep a digital copy of all paperwork for the business. This then gets backed up. I used to scan it all in with an Epson flatbed scanner. In the beginning it was fine, as it was a few papers a month so scanning one sheet at a time was not a problem.
But the business grew and with it the amount of paperwork per month also grew. By last year the process of scanning all documents for the month took up quite some time, even if I scanned it as soon as I got it. The process was becoming cumbersome and time consuming.

I downloaded the latest openSUSE DVD and upgraded my openSUSE 10.2 on my HP nx6125 laptop today. I expected a few things to go wrong as the poor laptop have been upgraded all the way from SUSE 9.3 right through to 10.2.

In light of the recent CLUG flame war about mailing list netiquette and Jonathan's announcement about the changes to CLUG list rules, I have decided to dust off my netiquette-enforcing gear and take old High Horse for a practise run around the block.

I found my imaginary baton of netiquette enlightenment, donned my imaginary mailing list police jacket (with the badge) and saddled up my imaginary High Horse.


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