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About Us

TruSoft Software is an Open Source based Software development and consulting firm, focusing extensively on the GNU/Linux operating system

Reg: 2004 / 036331 / 23
Vat: 4030215216

Our Vision
We believe that any company can benefit from the cost, stability, flexibility and open design of Open Source software.

Summary of Services
Backup Solutions
We provide a range of backup solutions. Your data is kept safe, even in the event of fire or theft.
Software Development
We develop custom application in order to promote your business or skills. We also develop database driven applications on PostgresSQL.
Web Development
We can build you a web site that suits your needs. Normally we will build a website on the Drupal CMS framework, but we can build a static website or even a custom site with specific functionality.
Consulting & Support
We can assess your needs and provide a range of Open Source solutions which will make sense as well as saving you time and money.

Webmail interface : Squirrelmail (old) or RoundCube (new)

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