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I am a Christian, but I hate Christmas. Shocking, isn't it!

So why would I hate Christmas? Well, first of all, it is a feast that is not mentioned in the Bible and secondly Jesus was most probably not born on the 25th of December. In fact the Bible does not mention his date of birth, it is very vague about it. Why? Because His birth date is unimportant, but what is important is His death, because His death is what sets us as Christians free, not His birth. The Bible is very clear about when He died, it was at the beginning of the Passover (A feast to which God gave instructions in detail).

So, what is the harm in celebrating His birth? That in itself would probably not be that bad, but then we don't really know WHEN to celebrate it as the Bible does not give any clear indication. All we know is that it must have been during summer or autumn as the shepherds was in the field with their flock during the night. During winter it was too cold to keep the sheep outside during the night, so His birth must have been some time between June and September. So December is way off.

Some people argue that sheep was kept out all night during the winter under certain conditions or certain kind of sheep, but if this was so, it is grasping at straws as there would not be many shepherds out there and when I read the Bible about the birth of Jesus I get the idea that these were shepherds that was out there as a rule, not the exception.

His birth is also only described in Luke, not in any of the other gospels but his death is described in all 4 gospels.

We can also look into historical archives to see when the star appeared and when the census was held, but the information around that is also very vague as far as I can determine. So it is difficult for us to determine WHEN Jesus was born, but it is very easy to determine when He died. This indicates clearly that celebrating His birth is not important for God.

So then where does this celebration come from?

From what I can gather it originated around 350 to 400 AD when the Christian 'Church' in Rome wanted to convert more pagans, but the pagans ware reluctant because it would mean that they had to give up the Saturnalia, a week long festival of indulgence that ended around the 25th of December. So they instituted Christmas to allow the converted pagans to still have their festival.

If we look at the festival of Saturnalia, we instantly recognize our current Christmas festival. Fir tree that is decorated, gifts placed under the tree, eating, drinking, singing of carols and general merry-making.

Unfortunately those Christians in Rome did what God specifically forbid us to do and that is to merge customs and traditions of other religions with our own.

The Yule festival was apparently incorporated in a similar way by King Haakon of Norway that converted to Christianity, but wanted to unite all the Nordic tribes and thus moved the Yule festival to Dec 25 (it used to be on the Winter Solstice which is around the end of Dec) to coincide with the Christmas festival and thus the Yule traditions also became part of Christmas (Misletoe, yule log, 12 days of Christmas)

I was totally disgusted to read that the early Christmas celebrations that lasted 12 days included the appointment of a Lord of Misrule and people swapping social roles. This is directly from the festival of Saturnalia and it is also directly against Christian morals.

Below I list a number of links for more interesting reading. These are just a few links, Google turns up a whole lot. I also found some that tries to prove that Christmas is not a Pagan festival.

But, even if I disregard all the information on the net, it is still clear to me that Christmas is not from God:

1) A festival for the birth of Jesus Christ is not mentioned in the Bible anywhere

2) The date of the birth of Jesus Christ is not given, not even hints as to when it was

3) The customs around Christmas is totally against Christian norms

3.1) Eating and drinking in abundance is prohibited

3.2) Putting a tree in your house and decorating it is also prohibeted (Jer 10:1-6)

3.3) Giving of gifts to each other is not mentioned in any biblical festival. The wise men gave the gifts to Christ, not to each other or to Mary or Joseph or anyone else. The giving of gifts was (and still is) a tradition relating to when you visit a King or ruler.

4) Santa Claus - He became the god of Christmas. A magical being that brings presents and joy to everyone in one night. Now that cannot be supported by any Christian. Is Christ not supposed to be the bringer of joy and good news to us?

There are other indicators too (yule log, eggnog, mistletoe, the whole monetary connection and all the information about the history of Christmas), but the above few points alone is enough to convince me that Christmas is not from God, so I will not have any part in it.

Here are some links to ponder:


I am new to this Trusoftware site, but this immediately caught my attention. I don't know why an post of this nature should be appear on such a site. Regardless of intentions, the very title is offensive.

But while it is here, let me respond. Although I hate the modern commercialisation and social material excess ...


As a shared, public celebration of the birth of mankind's Redeemer - God become man for our salvation - it is as it should be. In relationship to this, it is irrelevant exactly when He was born, the day or time. Through God's grace the Church implemented a celebration of that birth, the most important in all of history, and through it swept away all these destructive pagan ceremonies, replacing them with a most august and beautiful celebration of holiness, purity and innocence, - the exact opposite of these corruptions - and saving these countless pagan souls and successive generations from them. Think about that for a moment.

Besides this, you should also consider the times in which we are and the growing number of attacks Christianity is enduring globally. Christmas is en-route to being suppressed out of hatred of Christ and His Church. Will you celebrate when this happens? And when, in this relatively short time, we will probably see the re-emergence of these and worse pagan festivals, will you still think celebrating Christmas was all that bad?

Think about it. Militant, rampant atheism is out to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity, and this kind of effort only helps their cause. Even if you believe you are right, your timing is not the best.

And your "is not mentioned in the Bible anywhere" comment is not sound nor logical, or theological. If everything we should believe should come only from the Bible, then surely the Bible should actually say that? Yes? But it doesn't does it? No. Rather, it says that "the pillar and ground of the truth" is ... the Church. [St. Paul to Timothy 3:15]

I would thus suggest these things are best left to the Church, "... for the unlearned and unstable wrest ... Scriptures ... to their own descruction." [2 Peter 3:16].

Lets first stand together against the true and present danger to Christianity. Our other differences can be sorted out later.

God bless.

Hi David,

You are correct in that this topic is not really related to the rest of my site. I only posted it here as it is my only blog and I don't blog enough to justify two blogs. I am the sole owner of Trusoft Software so the business and me are basically one.

Now to get to the rest. You ask if I will celebrate if Christmas is suppressed. I will be glad as I think that Christmas is taking the focus off the real issue - the DEATH of Christ, not His birth. His birth is not to be celebrated, but His death is, as that is what saved us. And celebrating His death is described in the Bible by Christ Himself at the last supper.
Are you aware that for a long time Christmas was prohibited by most of the reformed churches? Read up on the history of Christmas. So the Atheists don't have to to kill Christmas, the Christians already did, but then the Christian communities was infiltrated again and Christmas was introduced again. In America Christmas was not celebrated much until the end of the 19th century (around 1870).

I see that you also mention the Church. Ever did a bit of digging about what the church really is? Is the church organisations of today matching the structure and operation of the congregations of the New Testament?
In a lot of the English bibles the word 'church' has been used in stead of 'congregation', but if you look at the original Greek word used, ekklesia, it means congregation or calling out. It did not refer to an organisation, but to a group of people.
Our current churches conform rather to the Jewish system of the synagogue, pharisees and sadducees. Read a bit up on it and see if you recognise the churches. Then compare them with the congregations of the New Testament.

In 1 Timothy 3:15 Paul mentions that they need to behave themselves in the house of God, which is the congregation of the living God. The house of God is the Christians, not a building or organisation. Also study where God made his home. He specify it clearly in the bible. God only had 3 homes on earth. 1) The tabernacle (His presence was put in the arc of the covenant and that became His house on earth). Then later the arc was moved to the Temple in Jerusalem built by Solomon, so that became His second house on Earth. Then when Jesus died on the cross, the curtain separating the chamber of the arc was torn - why? God took His presence out of the arc again and moved it to the new Temple built in heaven (Read Hebr 8 and 9). Then, when the Holy Ghost was poured out, God made His house in the hearts of Christians (Acts 7:48 and 17:24, 1 Cor 3:16-17, 1 Cor 6:19, 2 Cor 6:16, Eph 2:19-22).

Then, in 2 Peter 3:16, who are the 'unlearned' and 'unstable'? There were no theological schools (apart from the synagogue, but they did not teach the gospel of Christ). Were the unlearned not the people who did not or would not study the teachings of Christ?
Who of the writers in the New Testament was learned? Paul was a Pharisee and thus learned, but the other christians were not learned. They were only learned in the gospel of Christ and gained their knowledge from the apostles and writings about the life of Jesus, thus the same as you and me that study the Bible.

As far as I know, God ONLY gave the Bible as His word, nothing else, so we should use only the Bible to determine what is in the will of God, and the Bible does not mention the commemorating of the birth if Christ, only His death.

But, this is only my opinion and my understanding of the Word of God. I don't expect anybody to agree with me except if they agree because they studied the Bible.

So you are free to disagree. :-)

Thanks for your comment.

God Bless

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