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Soon after Steve Jobs passed away, my wife sent me the following article, asking me what I thought of it: Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet.  Interesting article.
The writer speculate that Steve Jobs was a prophet for people who believe in technology.  He also states that the Apple logo is a reference to the apple in the garden of Eden and speculate that the logo basically indicates that Apple wants to reverse the curse of the Fall in the garden of Eden.
Well, I do not agree.  First of all, the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was NOT an apple, that is a falsehood that crept into general belief.  The Bible does not state what kind of fruit it was, but it does say that the Garden of Eden was closed and guarded by a angel after Adam and Eve was expelled from the Garden.  The Garden was closed in order to prevent humans from having access to the two forbidden trees.  So that means that those trees does not exist on earth anymore, so thier fruit was not any that we know of.
Secondly, when the Apple logo was designed, the events described in Genesis was not part of it.  Read the interview with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo.  It was only later that people started to connect the Apple logo with the Bible (based on a falsehood too).  I own a hand made Puma pocket knife that have a serial number that ends in 666. The last 3 digits of the serial number is etched on one of the blades, together with the model name.  So it says: Gelder 666.  Now, I could say that the knife was made by Satan or that Puma is a bad company or the person who made the knife is evil, but I know it is just a serial number.  The knife that was made before it is 420665 and the one made after it is 420667.  The knife is not evil or was not numbered like that for some evil purpose, just as the Apple logo is just a logo designed by a graphic artist with the instruction "Don't make it cute".
Much later people did connect the Apple logo with the Bible and made all kinds of observations, like Jean Louis Gassée of Apple, but that does not mean that the logo was designed to have that meaning.  Soon after I bought the Puma knife, I was eating biltong while watching TV and I used the knife to cut the biltong.  The TV show was captivating and I did not concentrate on the knife in my hand and when I wanted to cut off a next slice of biltong, I realized that the blade of the knife was stuck in the side of my thumb.  It made a small cut in my thumb, on the side of the nail.  The blade was resting in the nail.  As I was concentrating on the TV, I relaxed my grip and the knife slid down and cut into my thumb.  It did not feel it as the knife is very sharp.  Even when I removed the knife from the wound, it did not bleed much as it was a very clean cut, but it was about 2mm deep.  Now one could say that the knife cut me because it is evil, that was actually one of my first thoughts, because it seemed to cut it all by itself.  But then I realized that it was just gravity and the fact that the knife is heavy and very sharp.  This is due to the fact that it is a quality knife, made from the best blade steel and heavy brass and wood.  So the knife is not evil, it is just a quality tool.
Thirdly I never thought of Steve Jobs in a spiritual sense, and I don't think he was some kind of prophet.  I am also not aware that he made any statements to indicate that he thought so himself or that he chalanged God or any religion.  To me the man was just a talented, driven, highly intelligent human who wanted to create things that are better.  He did not  challenge God by making our life easy, if that was the case, then Thomas Edison, Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and a whole lot of other people that invented machines and tools to make our life easier could also be seen a secular prophets. God did say that we will have to work and that life will not be easy, but He also gave us the intelligence to build machines to help us.
But then, do all these machines really reduce or break the curse?  We live in an age where most tasks are automated by machines and computers, but still life is not easy.  We are not doing as much manual labour as 1000 years ago, but our life is still harsh.  We now have more stress, we are less healthy because we do not get enough exercise and eat processed food.  So all this technology does make certain things better, but it does not really make life easy as a whole.
I guess the point that the writer want to make is that for people who do not beleive in God or a god and who base thier salvation on technology, Steve Jobs was one of the people that raised thier hope in technology.  But I don't think he saw himself as a religious icon
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