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This is probably old news for most serious Apple users, but I just discovered it yesterday. As a Geek I feel disappointed in myself.  I should have read the documentation and known from the start, but alas, I just installed OSX Lion and did not read much about it before I installed.  I just read the normal stuff Apple had on thier website.
But then, Apple did not advertise the information too, I stumbled onto it yesterday in the Apple Support forum.
In any case, to start from the beginning:  Soon after OSX Lion was released, I upgraded via the AppStore and was quite happy with the new OS.  My wife was not ready for an upgrade yet and each time I mentioned it, she was just too busy and could not go without her Mac for an hour or two.  When she did have time, I did not have time, and so it carried on.
Finally, yesterday we decided to do the upgrade.  My Wife had to go out for the morning, so I had time to do the upgrade.  I did a full backup of her system to a nice clean external drive.  That took a few hours.
Then, when the backup was done, I opened the AppStore and selected OSX Lion.  The App Store asked me for the Apple ID, but I was not sure what my wife's Apple ID is, so I decided to wait.  In the mean time I started to Google about how I can use the same package I used on my machine to prevent a huge download again.  Unfortunately I had to save the package before I updated my machine, but the instructions also mentioned that you need to use the same Apple ID on all machines if you use the same downloaded package.
So I thought that I can continue so long with the download on my wife's machine by using my Apple ID.  So I did that.  After I typed in my Apple ID and password, it returned me to the OSX Lion screen in the AppStore, but it replaced the price with "Free".  I was surprised and clicked it to continue.  It then popped up a notification saying that the download is free because I have already paid for it.
So now I am starting to think about fraud.  I am using the same Apple ID on two machines to get out of paying again.  Did not sound ethical to me.  So I googled again to see how I can remedy the situation.
Then I stumbled onto the Apple forum, where Apple officially stated that if you had more than one machine, you should use the same Apple ID on all your machines because you only need to pay once!
This was great news!  I got new respect for Apple.  Other big corporations actually go out of thier way to put horrendous systems in place that make most legal users feel like a criminal to prevent people from installing their OS on more than one machine... 
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